SmartLock Digital


Modular – Reliable

When security is the top priority and reliability is essential, Paxos provides a fully redundant system with two independent operating systems.

Proven technology, the Paxos Advance system high security lock is widely used on vault rooms, ATMs, security repositories and many high end security premises. Over a course of millions of operating hours, Paxos Advance has proven technology and reliability, time and time again.

Paxos Advance is the redundant, motorised lock for safes and vaults when it comes to providing maximum reliability, ease of use, programming and installation.

  • Modular
  • Secure
  • Configurable


We are pleased to announce a further input unit design for Paxos advance IP. Based on customer feedback we now provide a flat keypad input unit having a thickness of 25 mm.

To achieve this slimness, the battery in the input unit has been removed. The system is designed to be external powered (or having a second input unit with batteries). In case of external power loss, an emergency 9V connector is placed inside the input unit. This way the lock system can be emergency operated preventing a lock-out.

SmartLock Digital continues to lead the innovation path with safe locking across Australia and New Zealand, by providing class leading value added services and dedicated local support.


The modular construction of Paxos Advance allows the system to be adapted to actual and future needs quickly. From stand-alone single lock systems to networked multiple lock system with door and inner cabinet locks and multiple input units connected to alarm and monitoring systems, the entire range is available thanks to the system’s modularity. Besides, the redundant lock case has been refined into a compact design and will retrofit existing safelocks foregoing additional drilling.


Paxos Advance was designed with an uncompromising focus on security. That is reflected by the general construction of the system for all important data are saved exclusively in the lock and thus, inside the secured area. Attempted manipulations of the system clock by interruption of the power supply are logged and block the system until the release by an authorised code. All input signal lines can be monitored. In case of a line manipulation, for example of the remote blocking input, a sabotage alarm will be triggered and the system will be blocked at the same time.


Paxos Advance can be configured directly on-site using the input unit or USB interface, or off-site remotely via network software. The system configuration can be saved and copied onto other locking systems. Existing systems can allways be extended at a later stage, no matter if more input ports or additional inner cabinet locks are required.

Paxos Advance is designed for redundant operation to guarantee full functionality at every time of day and night.

Twofold security

Where ever the highest demands are placed on security and reliability, any modules whose function is critical in the event of a failure must be installed multiple times, or redundantly. To date, this type of redundancy has been used to successfully and significantly increase operational reliability within satellite technology, the aviation industry and the storage of security relevant data. Redundant systems were implemented throughout the Paxos Advance to guarantee the highest possible level of security.

Maximum availability

Full system redundancy means much more than doubling the security. The improbability of two self-contained systems failing at the same time provides a quantum leap when it comes to the availability of redundant units. The double system design used throughout the Paxos Advance provides extensive fault detection and the highest possible chance of avoiding complete system failure.

Far-reaching fault detection

When Paxos Advance detects a fault, it switches to the redundant part of the system, ensuring the safe or vault rooms can always be opened. The operator is informed about any faults detected. Whilst action can be taken to replace the faulty part, general business can proceed at the users peace of mind. In addition, the detailed audit log allows precise conclusions to be drawn about the source of the fault, or of a possible security breach.

User-friendly software – High flexibility

The optimal tool for managing the Paxos Advance IP system

The powerful software allows the complete Paxos Advance system to be configured. Additionally the software contains an online monitor as well as an area for reading out the audit trail.

Online Monitoring

Networked Paxos Advance systems are displayed in real time on a well arranged monitoring screen. Thereby, the locking state of all connected systems is shown and also any possible alarms or warnings. A connection to a system can easily be established by a simple double click on the system.


Once connected and released with an authorised code a Paxos Advance system can be programmed with a computer. User codes including their authorisation level and rights, time lock periods, input- and output configurations of the interface boxes and more settings are preconfigured on the computer and transmitted to the system by a mouse click.


Paxos Advance captures all security relevant events, changes made and occurred error messages in a nonvolatile event memory. A complete and chronological backtracking of all events is possible at any time. The audit function of the software offers several filter functions for wanted events are found efficiently and can be displayed and exported in an adequate format.

Paxos Advance widely used on
vault rooms, ATMs, security repositories and
many high end security premises

One product series
Different models

The redundant design of Paxos Advance locking systems makes it the ideal solution for high security applications. The additional network- compatibility paired with various configurable user rights and time lock periods help the product to be a well recognised standard for financial institutions and government secured areas. The Paxos Advance IP is the first product variant of the Paxos Advance Series.

Users (per lock)

Mutation-/Time code
Up to 97 programmable, rights configurable

Opening code
Up to 99 programmable, rights configurable


Master code
1 preset, up to 97 more programmable, rights configurable

Dual mode
Yes, any two opening codes, configurable by dual mode groups

Opening delay
1 common
4 time related. Up to 97 code related

Weekly-/ Partial Time Lock
28 each

Yearly- / Holiday Time Lock
28 each

Event memory
10,000 entries

Max. number of components

Inner cabinets
Yes, redundant locks as inner cabinet locks configurable 28 each

Time Lock Interruption
8 free programmable periods, code entry, external input, emergency push button

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