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700 Basic

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The LA GARD 700 Basic is the upgraded version of the industry leading LG Basic. The LG Basic revolutionised electronic safe locking because for the first time, the highest level of safe lock security was available at an extremely cost-effective price. This allowed safe lock manufacturers to offer high security electronic safe locks for use not only in commercial applications but also to the domestic market.

The LA GARD 700 Basic remains true to the LG Basic legacy, it is simple to operate and cost effective whilst still offering the most advanced safe locking security available including EMD. The LA GARD 700 Basic is available in swing and square bolt designs which makes it suitable for installation on virtually any safe or secure storage container.


The LA GARD 700 Basic is the perfect lock for any home safe. The lock is stylish and simple to use and offers the home owner both reliability and the highest security certifications.


The law generally outlines the requirements for securing gun safes. The LA GARD 700 Basic meets the requirements and because it is available in different locking options it is suitable for installation on all manner of gun safes.


There are a number of applications in this segment. From securing expensive items in retail, to cigarettes and document storage. The LA GARD 700 Basic will effectively provide high security locking for all your commercial needs.

The LA GARD 700 Basic safe lock offers the user basic and easy to manage and use functionality.

Like all LA GARD 700 series safe locks, the LA GARD 700 Basic incorporates EMD technology.

The LA GARD 700 Basic is the first of the 700 range to have “auto pairing” between the keypad and lock. This functionality makes it simple for any technician to install on a new safe or as a replacement on an existing safe. The product has the ability to have master/servant and a super master reset but this functionality is automatically disabled when the user changes the factory combination if it’s not selected to remain.

The LA GARD 700 Basic has a 6-digit combination and will operate using all the tried and trusted commands to change combinations and access other functionally as the previous LA GARD Basic models.

Application & Features


Easily accessible with battery drawer pull out with 2 x 9 volts – works in tandem to prolong battery life.


  • 700-SQB Square Bolt
  • 700-SWB Swing Bolt


  • Easy to use and reliable with push button access.
  • 6-digit combination gives 1,000,000 possible permutations.
  • The batteries reside in an easy to access drawer within the keypad. The lock will retain all setting when changing the battery.
  • Operates on 2 x Duracell 9 volt alkaline batteries which gives up to 5,000 openings.
  • Low battery level triggers an audible warning.
  • Unlike mechanical locks, codes are easy to change and therefore do not require a locksmith.
  • Keypad gives audio and visual signal for ease of use.
  • All vital components are located within the lock body for maximum security.
  • The swing bolt version has an automatic locking mechanism which locks when the safe handle is turned.
  • Certified to both Group 1 Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and European VDS KL2 manipulation proof rating.
  • Can be retrofitted in place of mechanical locks and key locks.
  • Environmentally tested from –10˚C to 85˚C.
  • Polyfuse provides protection to lock by protecting it against electric shock attacks.
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