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The LA GARD Basic Series is now legacy. Please click here for details on the replacement product.

Basic Series

The industry standard
for security and reliability.


The Basic series is the perfect lock for any home safe. The lock is stylish and simple to use and offers the home owner both reliability and the highest security certifications.

Retail / Light Commercial

Be it on a new safe or as a replacement for mechanical locks, reliability and simplicity are the Basic’s best features. Changing the combination is quick and easy so you have the peace of mind of changing codes to limit access. An additional level of access control is provided by the Manager Mode’s capability to add or delete a user at any time, meaning the safe owner can have a high level of control over others accessing the safe.

The Basic series is a flexible entry lock, with interchangeable locks and keypads offering a multitude of choices.

The LA GARD Basic Series electronic combination locks are the industry standard for security and reliability at an economical price. The Basic offers users a simple, secure solution for access control and can be used on home safes, work safes or any safe requiring the security and convenience of an electronic lock. Whether residential or retail, the Basic Series is the perfect

upgrade or replacement for the traditional mechanical lock. The Basic series is a flexible entry lock, with interchangeable locks and keypads offering a multitude of choices. Swing bolt, dead bolt and slam bolt designs are available with this series. The Basic provides both affordability and dependability you need.


Super Master Reset (SMR)

Manager Mode
Allows the Manager to Add/Delete or Enable/Disable an additional User.
Wrong Try Penalty
Attempting to guess the combination more than 4 times will render the lock inactive for a period of 5 minutes. This means it would take many years to scroll through every possible combination.
Low Battery Signal
Repeated LED flashing and beeping during opening indicates battery is low and needs immediate replacement.


5715, 5750
(Backlit Keypad Standard)

(Dual Battery Keypad)

Lock Types Available

3740M Dead Bolt , 4200M Swing Bolt


  • Easy to use and reliable with push button access.
  • 6-digit combination gives 1,000,000 possible permutations.
  • Enables two users: both manager and second user. Managers can control, lock out or delete the second user as required.
  • The battery resides in the input pad for easy changeover. The lock will retain all settings when changing the battery.
  • Operates on a Duracell 9V alkaline battery which gives up to 2560 openings.
  • Low battery level triggers an audible warning.
  • Unlike mechanical locks, codes are easy to change and therefore do not require a locksmith.
  • Keypad gives audio & visual signal for ease of use.
  • All vital components are located within the lock body for maximum security.
  • The swing bolt version has a patented automatic locking mechanism which locks when the safe handle is turned.
  • Certified to both Group 1 Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and European VDS KL2 manipulation proof rating.
  • Can be retrofitted in place of mechanical locks and key locks.
  • Environmentally tested from –10˚C to 85˚C.
  • Polyfuse provides unique protection to lock by protecting it against electric shock attacks.
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