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In many cases, franchised retail often trade 24/7. This means that management are not always on the premises and the operation may only be staffed by a skeleton crew. Time locking allows the security administrators to limit access to the safe to times when managers or multiple staff are on site.


Time locking is often considered essential in high value retail. The ability to limit the opening hours of the safe to the trading hours ensures that a staff member cannot be forced to open the safe outside of business hours by would be robbers.


Limiting the times that safes, vaults and ATM’s can be accessed according to stringent timelines allows the security administrators within the business to design and then enforce strict security protocols for access to any cash.

The LA GARD 704 Master is a time lock that also incorporates the functionality of the entire LA GARD 700 series.


This safe lock is an entry level option when replacing the LG Master that has been deployed in countless high security locking situations.

The LA GARD 704 Master has the ability to be set up as a time lock which means it can be programmed to only allow valid codes to open the lock within specific hours of the day. For example, you can program the lock to only open during business hours set by the manager. Outside of these hours, even with valid codes the lock cannot be opened.

As with all LA GARD 700 series locks, the LA GARD 704 Master has an EMD feature but it also has enhanced functionality in addition to the features of the LA GARD 701 Basic to the LA GARD 703 2FA, that include,
· 1 master code (non opening)
· 2 managers
· Up to 49 opening codes
· 50 users
· 2,000 event audit trail
· Time lock
· One input pad can be used to open up to 5 locks. This is for safes with multiple

The LA GARD 704 Master is available in a redundant lock, swing bolt, deadbolt or spring bolt and includes the option of either a high profile or low-profile input pad.

*Requires the use of an alarm box connected to an alarm panel.


Management systems are by nature designed to improve efficiency. The LA GARD 704 Master is a security management system and as such must improve efficiency. The simple operational features of the LA GARD 704 Master delivers significant improvement in productivity thanks to its simple operation, quick combination changing and automated processes.

Besides being reliable, the lock must be durable to stand the test of time. The testament to this durability is that the LA GARD 704 Master is designed to be the lock of choice for food service chain businesses. This safe lock operates in environments that are notorious for their durability requirements with locks being operated many times a day and being subjected to contaminates such as grease and commercial cleaning chemicals.

Generic Management systems are inflexible and can counter efficiency gains. The LA GARD 704 Master can be programmed in multiple methods to function in a way to best align with an organisations security procedures.

The simple fact is when you are placing a lock on a safe vault or ATM it must be reliable. Lock failures are expensive and interrupt normal business operations. LA GARD is recognised as the most reliable safe, vault and ATM locks in the market.

LA GARD safe locks have met many global security certifications. A testament to this is that LA GARD safe locks have been chosen to secure the assets of Australian and New Zealand businesses since 2004 and on more than 35,000 safes, vaults, ATMs, and secure containers.

The LA GARD 704 Master can record up to 2,000 audit events and can provide detailed audits of who, when and how the lock was opened, which is valuable information for Loss Prevention Managers.

One of the main drivers for an organisation to choose a lock is to help keep their people safe. The feature set of the LA GARD 704 Master includes, Time Delay, Duress or Silent Alarm, Time Locking and Individual User Codes, which are all industry accepted security protocols in various configurations, designed to increase the safety of staff. The LA GARD 704 Master is also designed to enforce security operational features.

These features include:
• First open dual combination which
ensures two people must be present to open the lock at the start of the day but a single code can open the lock during the day to ensure customer service levels are met.
• Time delay extension which allows the time delay to be set at a longer length at opening times when staff safety can be more at risk than during the day.

LA GARD safe locks have been deployed by banks, fast food franchises, retailers, drug storage, jewellers, pubs, clubs, hotels, hospitals and virtually anywhere flexible and secure management is required.

Full featured lock, with the advantage of
Time Locking, Multiple Users, Dual Credential, and industry leading Bluetooth Dual Credential.

Bank Safes + ATM machines + Service stations + Till skimmers + Retail chains + Restaurants.

  • Can be enabled with up to 100 different opening codes (including 2 managers and 1 master).
  • A 3 level management system: The master code has primary control over the functions of the lock, and also the ability to delete the manager code if required. The manager code holds control over all the other users.
  • Up to 5 locks can be managed centrally from one keypad, allowing safes with multiple compartments to be managed under the one system.
  • The advanced time locking system allows you to dictate when the lock can and cannot be accessed, thus preventing anyone from returning to the premises outside business hours and accessing the lock. Up to 4 programmable open time windows per day, with the added features of immediate time lock and temporary time lock.
  • Time lock programming via the keypad or with a simple to use software program. Time Lock can only be set up via the software.
  • Can be pre-enabled for automatic daylight savings adjustment.
  • 2,000 event audit trail with real time and date, to allow you track who has entered the safe and when.
  • Can be programmed with a time delay, so the lock cannot be immediately opened. Used together with appropriate business signage, time delay is a proven deterrent against theft.
  • Duress Alarm (silent alarm) can be enabled; using an interface to an alarm panel a user can silent trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing the authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by your alarm provider.
  • A time delay override code can be enabled to allow immediate access for an authorised user such as a cash carrier.
  • Available in 3 bolt styles:
    Swing bolt, Square bolt and Spring bolt.
  • Easily accessible battery drawer pull out with 2 x 9 volts – works in tandem to prolong battery life.


The OLED screen provides enhanced user feedback of all valid and invalid entries, including allowing the manager to immediately view the most recent 50 audit events.


LA GARD 704 Master is powered by 2 x 9 volt batteries housed in the keypad. When the low-profile keypad is used, a separate battery box with 2 x 9 volt batteries must be fitted inside the container. The LA GARD 704 Master can also be powered from the mains with peripheral equipment.

High profile model allows easy access with battery drawer pull out with 2 x 9 volts – works in tandem to prolong battery life.


  • 700-SQB Square Bolt
  • 700-SPB Spring Bolt
  • 700-SWB Swing Bolt
  • 700-REDUND Redundant Lock


Available for this series to capture audits on the bolt panel.


  • Configure time locking.
  • Configure the 2FA Bluetooth FOBs.
  • Download and view the audit trail.
  • Functionality is configured through the keypad or software.
  • Support EMD via updating the firmware.


Provides administrators an additional level of management making deployment and programming of the lock more flexible to meet an enterprise security protocol.


Allows the Manager to add/delete or enable/disable up to 50 additional Users.


Master, Manager and up to 49 opening codes. Master code can add, disable and delete users at the lock.


Requires the use of two valid combinations to open the lock.


Repeated LED flashing and beeping during opening indicates battery is low and needs replacement.


Attempting to guess the combination more than 4 times will render the lock inactive for a period of 5 minutes.


Entering a valid combination starts the delay period which can be programmed from 0 to 99 minutes. If a staff member is under duress this feature is designed to prevent the lock from being opened immediately. Used together with appropriate business signage, time delay is a widely used deterrent against theft.


Two time lock schedules can be set up in the lock.


A time delay override code can be enabled to allow immediate access for an authorised user such as a cash carrier.


Duress alarm (silent alarm) if enabled can interface with an alarm panel by an interface box. The user can trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing the authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by your alarm provider.


A role can be assigned to a user to restrict access to certain operations at the lock.


For safes with separate compartments one input Logic Module can operate up to 5 locks on separate doors.


Input signal to the Alarm Box will disable opening of the lock by a valid combination.


The combination code plus bluetooth option, requiring both individual code and Bluetooth authentication to access the lock.


Environmentally tested from -10˚C to 85˚C


Double signal
Two LED flashes and two beeps indicates entry is valid or accepted.
Triple signal
Three LED flashes and three beeps indicates invalid or not accepted.


Confirmed by third-party Reliability Test lab:
VdS 2396 — Class 2
UL 2058 —UL Type 1
EN1300—Level B
CNPP a2p—Level B/E

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