SmartLock Digital

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Smart Series

First time dual combination & time delay extension

Retail – Efficient and Reliable

Smart Series safe locking systems are the best choice in a retail environment. Most retailers have more than one store manager requiring access functions not available to a user. The lock system allows for two Master administrative codes and one General Manager with full system capabilities. Other managers and users can be assigned a role to restrict access to certain operations.

Quick Service Restaurants – Durable & Acurate

Food service environments are notorious for their durability requirements when it comes to hardware. The Smart Series units are designed to take the hard usage that comes from working in demanding fast paced environments.

Banking – Safe and Secure

Multiple time delay override codes allow select personnel access without waiting for the time delay period to elapse. Cash carriers view only one Time Delay override code as inefficient. The manager can select multiple users with Time Delay override access. Multiple cash carrier employees can be enrolled. Audits confirm who received the cash and when.

The Smart Series products offer advanced features for controlling safe access.

The Smart Series products offer advanced features for controlling safe access. LG Master, SmartLinc II and SmartPoint together make up the LA GARD Smart Series. Retail, banking and commercial environments require safe locking systems that provide the highest form of security and access control. The system must be durable and accurate, offer efficiencies to enhance employee productivity, yet ensure accountability. These features are the foundation of the LA GARD Smart Series.

The Smart Series offers a range of features: multiple master codes, 48-98 users, user role assignment and the ability to manage up to five locks from a single logic module.

Accountability is more than a deterrent; it’s the strongest weapon available to prevent internal and external theft. The Smart Series provides accountability through indisputable audit information. The advanced features of SmartLinc II and SmartPoint offer up to 4,000 audit events in each lock and 1,000 system events at the logic module.

Ensuring your employees’ safety and security is paramount. Features like the Silent Signal Duress Alarm, Time Lock scheduling and Time Delay allow for time-controlled access and warnings to be sent in the event of a robbery. Other programmable features such as first opening dual code and time delay extensions help enforce security protocols.



Management systems are by nature designed to improve efficiency. The Smart Series is a security management system and as such must improve efficiency. The simple operational features of the Smart Series deliver significant improvement in productivity thanks to its simple operation, quick combination changing and automated processes.


Besides reliable, the lock must be durable to stand the test of time. The testament to this durability is that the Smart Series has been the lock of choice of countless food service chain businesses. The locks operate in environments that are notorious for their durability requirements with locks being operated many times a day and being subjected to contaminates such as grease and commercial cleaning chemicals. The Smart Series units are designed to survive these environments and have the track record to prove it.

Tried and Tested

Various Smart Series locks have been deployed by banks, fast food franchises, retailers, drug storage, jewellers, pubs, clubs, hotels, hospitals and virtually anywhere flexible and secure management is required.


The simple fact is when you are placing a lock on a safe vault or ATM it must be reliable. Lock failures are expensive and interrupt normal business operations. LA GARD and the Smart Series are recognised as amongst the most reliable safe, vault and ATM locks in the market.


The Smart Series has met many global security certifications. A testament to this is that the lock has been chosen to secure the assets of Australian and New Zealand businesses since 2004 on more than 35,000 safes, vaults, ATMs and secure containers.


The Smart Series have locks with up to 4,000 event audit trails and with over 1,000 various different events. The locks can provide detailed audits of who, when and how the lock was opened, which is invaluable information for Loss Prevention Managers.


Generic Management systems are inflexible and can counter efficiency gains. The Smart Series can be programmed in multiple methods to function in a way to best align with an organisations security procedures.


One of the main drivers for an organisation to choose a lock from the Smart Series range is to help keep their people safe. The feature set of the Smart Series includes, Time Delay, Duress or Silent Alarm, Time Locking and Individual User Codes, which are all industry accepted security protocols in various configurations, designed to increase the safety of staff. The Smart Series is also designed to enforce security operational features.

These features include:

  • LG Master only
    First open dual combination which ensures two people must be present to open the lock at the start of the day but a single code can open the lock during the day to ensure customer service levels are met.
  • LG Master only
    Time delay extension which allows the time delay to be set at a longer length at opening times when staff safety can be more at risk than during the day.

With Over 35,000 Locks Installed In Australia & New Zealand, The La Gard Smart Series Provides The Reliability And Security Your Business Deserves.


Light Emitting Sensor Technology – Highest usability – Curved face – Teflon contact surface – Highest quality image generation (650 DPI captured)

Safes located in retail, banking or commercial environments require secure access by multiple users.

Entry to a safes cash supply is typically via key or combination (PIN). There are risks inherent to these options; keys are easily lost or duplicated, combinations can be forgotten, lost or given to others. Often there is no record of these access events. Access control based on biometrics eliminates the exposure, cost and downtime associated with lost keys and combinations, while making it possible to establish a user’s identity based on “who they are” rather than “what they possess” or “what they remember.”

The SmartPoint Biometric Recognition Locking System captures the unique and significant features of a human fingerprint to allow or deny safe access. The authorised person must be physically present for access to be granted, ensuring positive identity and the accuracy of the audit.

The SmartPoint software uses highly secure algorithms to recognise and analyse the unique relative positions of the fingerprint patterns. Actual finger prints are not recorded. This guards against any possible “identity theft” issues. SmartPoint will accurately verify or deny a fingerprint from a database in a fraction of a second.

The biometric reader features patented Light Emitting Sensing (LES) technology. LES has been tested to more than 1.5 million touches and has proven immune to electro-static discharge, nicotine and other elements that negatively impact competing scanning technologies.

LES’ unique method of image capture effectively overcomes issues of dry, wet and slick fingers that commonly defeat other finger input technologies. In addition, Live Finger detection eliminates spoofing by gummy or silicon replicas.

Benefits of Biometrics

  • Increase management efficiency for the control of employee safe access rights. Code sharing is not possible because to open, a valid finger print is required. The added benefit is this feature makes the audit trail even more valid.
  • Eliminate hard and soft costs associated with keys and combinations.
  • Create a non-refutable identification and hold each user accountable through extensive audit capabilities.
  • Control multiple compartments within a single safe with one biometric unit.
  • Economical retrofit for existing mechanical or electronic locks.
  • Biometric reader passed the Class 1 requirements set forth by the U.S. National Biometrics Security Project (NBSP) with a false acceptance rate of less than one in one million.

Verification Time

Typically less than 1 second.


Temperature 0ºC to 49ºC.
Humidity 30ºC and 85%
relative humidity for 24 hours.

AC Power Supply Required

Recommended 12v DC (regulated) Maximum 14v DC.
9v battery backup in the event of power failure.

Interinsic Live Finger Sensing

Impact – No False Reject Rate (FRR) impact.
Spoof-proof – Eliminates spoofing by gummy or silicon replicas.


Back-lit for viewing ease.

Maximum Templates: 100

The lock can be set to finger print only or finger print and code. There are 100 storage positions for codes and finger prints in the lock. It is recommended for a user to enrol at least 2 finger prints in case one finger print is damaged due to an injury.


Sensitivity – No Electro Static (ESD) sensitivity.
Non absorbent – Does not absorb skin oils or nicotine.
Tested – Tested to 1.5 million touches
High Traffic – Designed for high traffic applications


RS-485. Minimum 9.6k baud,
maximum 38.4k baud.


Bank safes – ATM machines – Service stations – Till skimmers – Retail chains – Restaurants

Full featured lock, with the advantage of Time Locking and Multiple Users.

  • Can be enabled with up to 49 different opening codes.
  • A 3 level management system: The master code has primary control over the functions of the lock, and also the ability to delete the manager code if required. The manager code holds control over all the other users.
  • Up to 5 locks can be managed centrally from one keypad, allowing safes with multiple compartments to be managed under the one system.
  • Dual master also available, giving the manager code additional features only available to the control code.
  • The advanced time locking system allows you to dictate when the lock can and cannot be accessed, thus preventing anyone from returning to the premises outside business hours and accessing the lock. Up to 4 programmable open time windows per day, with the added features of immediate time lock and temporary time lock.
  • Time lock programming via the keypad or with a simple to use software program.
  • Can be pre-enabled for automatic daylight savings adjustment.
  • Can be used with combination only to open, or combination and E-Key. The key provides double security on sites where code sharing is a problem, as the lock cannot be opened with the physical presence of the key (optional).
  • 479 event audit trail with real time and date, to allow you track who has entered the safe and when.
  • Can be programmed with a time delay, so the lock cannot be immediately opened. Used together with appropriate business signage time delay is a proven deterrent against theft.
  • Duress Alarm (silent alarm) can be enabled; using an interface to an alarm panel a user can silent trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing the authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by your alarm provider.
  • A time delay override code can be enabled to allow immediate access for an authorised user such as a cash carrier.
  • Available in 3 bolt styles: Swingbolt, Squarebolt and Springbolt.
  • Only the Duracell Procell alkaline battery is to be used to power LG Master electronic safe locks.


Swingbolt lock with keypad
Squarebolt lock with keypad
Interface box for duress
Serial port PC cable and software


EN 1300 B, VdS class 2, UL type 1
UL Listing, Type 1; VdS Listing Class 2

Available on Request

Springbolt lock option
3 x various squarebolt lengths
Splitter box for multiple lock applications



9030 LG Master Logic Module (with eKEYII option, without biometrics)
9150 SmartLinc II Logic Module (without biometrics)
9160 SmartPoint Logic Module (with biometrics)


  • Multi-length Cable Assemblies
  • Interface Box
  • Knob Assembly (for use with Dead Bolt or Spring Bolt Locks)
  • AC Power Supply (Required for SmartPoint)

Time Delay

Entering a valid combination starts the delay period which can be programmed from 1 to 99 minutes. If a staff member is under duress this feature is designed to prevent the lock from being opened immediately. Used together with appropriate business signage, time delay is a widely used deterrent against theft.

User Role Assignment

LG Master / SmartPoint
A role can be assigned to a user to restrict access to certain operations at the lock.

Remote Override

Input signal to the Alarm Box will disable opening of the lock by a valid combination (or finger with biometrics).

Time Lock

Two time lock schedules can be set up in the lock.

Time Delay Override

A time delay override code can be enabled to allow immediate access for an authorised user such as a cash carrier.

Multiple Locks

For safes with separate compartments one input Logic Module can operate up to 5 locks on separate doors.

Dual Code

LG Master
Requires the use of two valid combinations to open the lock. A security feature that allows two present users to open the lock. This can be set for first time opening such as start of the working day.

Dual Token

LG Master / SmartPoint
Can be used with combination and the biometric fingerprint reader (SmartPoint), combination only to open, or combination and E-Key II (LG Master), The E-Key II or biometric fingerprint reader provides double security on sites where code sharing is an issue, as the lock cannot be opened without the physical presence of the key or fingerprint.

Duress Alarm

Duress Alarm (silent alarm) can be enabled from the lock. Using an interface to an alarm panel a user can silent trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing the authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by your alarm provider.

Multiple System Operation Mode

LG Master / SmartPoint
Code Only
Code required to maintain UL listing
Dual Code
Code required to maintain UL listing
Finger Only
With SmartPoint
Finger plus Code
With SmartPoint + Code required to maintain UL listing
2 Fingers
With SmartPoint
2 Fingers plus 2 Codes
With SmartPoint + Code required to maintain UL listing

Lock Types Available

4300M Swing Bolt
6040M Dead Bolt
6034 Slam Bolt
6441 Redundant Mechanical 4-Wheel

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The Setup Software allows you to set features on both the lock(s) and logic module. Setup features include:

  • Time Lock Periods
  • Special Events
  • Time Delay Override
  • Number of Fingerprints (SmartPoint)
  • Number of Users
  • Upload Firmware Updates
  • Daylight Savings Time (DST) Schedules


  • Smart Series Lock Programming Cable.
  • SmartLinc Logic Module Programming and Audit Cable.
  • SmartLinc II / SmartPoint Logic Module Programming and Audit Cable.
  • USB Fingerprint Reader (SmartPoint)

Total Audit Software

This software allows you to download audit information from both the lock(s) and logic module. The lock status and a detailed lock setup report may also be downloaded.

User Setup Software

This software allows user names and codes to be input via the software and then uploaded to the logic module. With the use of the USB Fingerprint Reader, users’ prints may be enrolled via the software as well (SmartPoint).

System Setup Software

This software is used to program the initial features into the lock such as Dual Combination, Time Delay, Override features, operation modes (code + fingerprint), time lock schedules and time menu options.

DST Setup Software

This software is used to load Daylight Savings Time schedules into the locks, meaning the lock will automatically update its time accordingly when daylight savings time changes take place.