SmartLock Digital

Axessor Series

Proven Quality
Maximum Reliability

  • Modular and flexible
  • Suitable to be fitted to both new and existing safes
  • Multiple operating modes; Standalone mode, Networkable, One Time Code (OTC) , Mixed Mode, Networked Mode
  • Patented Motorised lock with automatic locking
  • Ergonomic and robust keypad
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Dynamic user and time functions
  • Comprehensive code management features
  • Certificates; EN1300 B, VDS Class 2, UL and CNPP a2p pending
  • Networkable safe locks
  • Virtual networking via the SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA) App.
Axessor CIT
Axessor SLD

For reliable, secure and controlled access,field proven Axessor safe locks are especially suitable for securing cash and valuables.

Axessor safe locks are developed for increased security, ease of use, flexibility, and traceability. The Axessor series incorporates the latest technical advances and meets all recognised safety & security standards. The modular electronic safe lock can be networked, virtually networked with the SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA) App or used as a single stand-alone unit. Axessor locks maintain up to 40 user codes and can be efficiently managed remotely. With the remote access function, administrators can discretely perform audits or check the lock status.

The main application fields for this lock series are the financial, banking, hospitality, manufacturing & distribution, pharmaceuticals, drugs safes, retail, and food service industries.

With the Axessor series you define setup and functional range of your high security locking system.


Axessor locks can be configured directly on site using the input unit or USB interface in conjunction with the programming software. The networked locks provide remote configuration via a network software. The system configuration can be saved and copied onto other Axessor safe locks. Existing systems can be extended at a later stage. Also SmartLock Digital offers comprehensive customer service that includes total configuration of your Axessor locks prior to shipment. Configuration is offered to ensure every lock meets the specification of the client to ensure version control.


The modular construction of Axessor safe locks allows the system to be adapted to actual and future needs quickly and flexibly. From stand-alone safes to one time code locks or a networked multiple lock system connected to alarm and monitoring systems; the Axessor series is modular and flexible.


The Axessor series is a further development of the safe locking product range already being used in many thousands of applications and is one of the most efficient and reliable locking systems on the market. The locks can be adapted to the exact needs of any client.

Retrofit & Custom Install

SmartLock Digital has developed custom adaptors and plates to make fitting to your existing safes, vaults and ATM’s a simple process and to aid meeting WH&S requirements.

Future Proof

The Axessor range of locks can be reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

As your business scales or security protocols change the Axessor locks can be reconfigured to meet these future demands. Axessor , today can be your standalone lock system, tomorrow it can be your networked safe lock with integration into other business systems.


External plug-in power supply units
Plug-in power supply unit for standalone operation.
Direct connection to an Axessor lock (EU, 100—240 V/50—60 Hz/6 V).

Plug-in power supply unit for network operation.
Connection to an eBox (EU, 100—240 V/50—60 Hz/12 V stabilised).

Connection Cable
55/120 cm cable lengths available

What makes Axessor the safe lock of choice?

Functional yet secure, the Axessor series has a feature set that can be configured to your exact requirements whilst still meeting all recognised security certifications. With tens of thousands of locks in the field, the Axessor range of safe locks has been chosen by organisations all over the world.

Axessor Event Memory

Tamper resistant audit memory contains 10,000 events and can be read using the
AS284 software. Electronics detect the positioning of the deadbolt and motor with
non-contact sensors. The audit memory even includes the lock bolt position to allow security managers to ensure the safe has not been left open.

Axessor Series Adaptor

SmartLock Digital has developed a range of Australian and New Zealand fitting adaptors to make Axessor installation simple and to meet Work, Health and Safety practices and standards such as ergonomic viewing angles.

Axessor Patented Motorised Lock

The patented motorised lock with automatic locking offers maximum security with
protection against impact & electromagnetic interference.

Axessor Firmware Customisation

The firmware of both Axessor CIT & SLD has been specifically customised with added features to suit Australian and New Zealand security requirements.

Axessor Input Unit

The ergonomic keypad with clear number inputs helps users quickly enter codes in daily operation. Menu settings can be changed in 3 ways depending on the lock
version; onsite via the keypad, with a PC using the USB port on the input unit, and remote access using the AS 284 management and programming software.

Axessor CIT
Axessor SLD