SmartLock Digital

Axessor SLD

Safe Lock

  • Metal housing in black
  • Silicon rubber keypad with blue navigation keys
  • Integrated battery compartment
  • Large, contrasted LCD
  • Operator selectable display language
  • Buzzer

The Axessor SLD electronic combination lock is the perfect choice when quality and versatility is of paramount importance.

Axessor SLD is the optimal choice for standalone operation for up to 40 users. The lock provides access rights of codes for master, managers, users and couriers. Access can be controlled based on weekly locking periods, holiday settings and opening time delays. All events are recorded in a comprehensive 10,000 event audit log. The electronic safe lock, Axessor SLD, offers a wide range of functions particularly needed in

medium to high security applications. Using state-of-the-art microelectronics, this safe lock provides a range of functions that are unparalleled. Main application fields are the financial and the retail industries, fast food restaurants as well as drug security. The Axessor SLD can be simply configured through the input pad or via the AS284 software.


Axessor SLD is the next generation of the LG Master and offers superior performance. Anywhere flexible secure access is required, Axessor SLD is the right choice. It features industry leading configuration software and auditing using a USB port on the input unit. Programming is possible via the input unit without using the software

Code functions

  • 4 hierarchy levels: 1 master, 4 managers, 36 users, 1 courier.
  • Dual first open
  • Dual mode for group / user opening
  • Optional dual manager mode for programming
  • Individual code / group disabling
  • Duress code
  • Penalty after four incorrect codes authorisations

Time functions

  • Daylight savings time (DLST)
  • 35-weekly locking periods
  • 22 holiday and annual locking periods
  • Immediate time lock [hh:mm]
  • Remote disabling
  • Flexible time related time functions
  • Time related time delays


  • Master/manager can/cannot open lock
  • Managers can disable group
  • Optional time delay override for courier code

Opening delay

  • Time / duress delay 0 to 99 minutes
  • Confirmation window 1 to 99 minutes
  • Input to bypass the time delay

Other functions

  • Door open signal (buzzer) with low / high volumes
  • Battery status %
Axessor SLD offers superior performance compared to the competition, and like Axessor CIT, has an array of features to maximise your security.


Like all products of the Axessor series, the Axessor SLD electronic safe lock features a USB 2.0 port directly on the input unit for connection with the AS 284 software for programming & audit.

AS 284 management, programming & audit software

The AS 284 software makes it easy to set parameters of the locks via the USB interface. Authorised managers can easily customise the lock configuration and replicate it to many locks for efficient management. Locks are easily filtered using serial number or lock names assigned.

Audit Trail

An Audit log of 10,000 events can be downloaded on site via the USB connection to the lock. This enables authorised personnel to analyse lock activities.

Axessor CIT
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