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SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA)

The SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA) creates a virtual network to provide administrators real time control of access to their Axessor CIT safe locks. Developed in Australia by Smartlock Digital, the App allows users to generate One Time Codes to open Axessor CIT safe locks. Administrators can centrally control all users access profiles in real time on the SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG). The SmartLock Digital Assistant delivers all the features and real time control of a networked safe lock system without the cost associated with network cabling every safe lock.

The SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA) app delivers a real time management solution that emulates a networked solution without the need for cabling. The App provides the freedom and flexibility to deliver a One Time Code (OTC) to staff members or users at any given moment only when certain parameters are met, thus providing access to the safe lock.


What classifies as a parameter?
The parameters are defined by the organisation using both the Axessor CIT safe lock functionality and the SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG).
The parameters can also be defined by integration with other business and security systems but could include:



The SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG), which controls all SDA app users access profiles, provides a single multi-administration system for the management of the entire system in real time.


How Does It Work?

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The SmartLock Digital Assistant is a real time virtual networked safe lock access management system. The system combines 4 components:

  • SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG)

  • SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA) App

  • AS274 Questor One Time Code Software

  • Axessor CIT Safe Locks

Once the safes are fitted with configured Axessor CIT safe locks and the SmartLock Digital Assistant system is configured, then system management and lock opening is simple and can be split into two basic tasks:

The system administrators centrally manage the system using the SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG). Via the SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG) the administrator can manage all aspects of users and their access profiles in real time including:

  • Add users
  • Delete users
  • Change access profiles

Users have the SmartLock Digital Assistant (SDA) App installed on their personal device or desktop. Via the App and in a matter of seconds the user can generate an opening code. The process is:

  1. The user identifies themselves to the system. The App has an appropriate password level and identification layer.
  2. The user selects the lock they wish to open and enters a code generated by the lock into the App. In the background the system confirms the user is authorised to open the selected lock.
    • The opening of the lock is governed by the user access profile as set by the administrator.
    • The access profile can include checks with other systems such as staff rostering systems, geo-location of the user and third-party authentication.
  3. The SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG) requests an opening code from the AS274 Server Management software and sends this to the user.
  4. The user then opens the safe lock with the code.
  5. The user completes the opening transaction by entering the closing sequence into the App.

To ensure total accountability, every event is recorded in a comprehensive audit trail accessed through the SmartLock Digital Gateway (SDG). To ensure efficiency the whole transaction of requesting a code to open the safe is completed in typically under 15 seconds.

*Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the final application implemented 

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