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Axessor Assistant Mobile App

The Axessor Assistant Mobile App (App) delivers a real time management solution that emulates a networked solution without the need for cabling. The App provides the freedom and flexibility to deliver a One Time Code (OTC) to staff members or users at any given moment only when certain parameters are met, thus providing access to the safe lock.

What classifies as a parameter? The parameters are defined by the organisation using the safe lock and could be as simple as:



How Does It Work?

The Axessor Assistant Mobile App is a safe lock solution utilising the Axessor CIT safe lock, the Questor OTC AS274 management software, and a customised mobile App developed by SmartLock Digital. The administration gateway can be customised to every client’s requirements and is suitable for integration with many other software systems.

  1. Users have the App on their smart phone that can generate an OTC to open the safe lock.
  2. The App has an appropriate password level and identification layer.
  3. Optionally with integration, the App and the AS274 software must first check;
    a. The user requesting access is actually rostered to work. Integration in to HR systems will be required for this feature to work.
    b. The location of the personal device running the App must put that particular user at work. Geolocation of the device would also need to be incorporated to within a minimum threshold level.
    c. Or other desired third party verification system and process.
  4. Once satisfied with the user’s credentials, the Axessor AS274 software will issue an OTC to the user’s App to open the safe lock.
  5. User management is centralised, meaning users can be deleted or have their access rights changed at any time. This is already a component of the OTC management software but a gateway and administration system was developed to make the admin simple and to simplify integration with other systems.
  6. Every event is recorded in a comprehensive audit such as time opened and by who.
  7. The whole process of requesting a OTC code to open the safe lock to opening the safe lock is completed in typically under 15 seconds.
*Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the final application implemented 

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