SmartLock Digital

Combo Series

Retail – Secure and Reliable

The 702 Combo Series is the logical choice for retail security needs, whether as a new installation or lock replacement. The quick install, easy set up and option for allowing multiple users make this lock ideal for most retail applications. The 702 Combo Series provides an economical solution that is configurable to your business requirements.

Commercial – Trusted

A major benefit to using the 702 Combo Series in commercial applications is that manufacturers and distributors can quickly program the lock to suit the specific needs of each customer. Simple programming via the input pad saves both time and resources, allowing customer expectations to be met.

Financial – Quick and Customer Friendly

The 702 Combo Series has many financial applications including securing cash drawers, drop safes, cash safes, vaults, ATMs and secure containers of all manner. The 702 Combo Series provides multiple user access control. With programmable features such as time delay, dual mode (2 valid combinations to open) and duress alarm (silent alarm) signal, the 702 Combo Series is an ideal solution for securing cash and valuables.

The 702 Combo Series was developed to address the security requirements of a broad range of commercial and industrial markets.

The LA GARD 702 Combo Series electronic combination lock is a multi-user lock (1 Master, 1 Manager and 30 users) that may be programmed either at the keypad or with a PC. The 702 Combo Series was developed to address the security requirements of a broad range of commercial and industrial markets with 3 main programmable features; Time Delay, Dual Combination and Duress. The lock also has the capability for one optional Time Delay Override code to be programmed during the initial setup.
A modern backlit keypad with an easy to use push button access and standard 6 digit combination gives 1,000,000 possible permutations, or can be enabled for up to 9 digits per combination. Different input units – all in metal design – are available with a soft keypad or a dome membrane keypad.

The updateable firmware allows the 702 Combo series to have the latest security updates, thus providing Electronic Manipulation Defence (EMD).


Battery Tray

LA GARD 702 Combo Series is usually powered by 2 x 9v batteries housed in the keypad. When the low-profile keypad is used, a separate battery box with 2 x 9v batteries must be fitted inside the container. The 702 Combo Series can also be powered from the mains with peripheral equipment.

High profile model allows easy access with battery tray pulls out with 2 x 9Volts – works in tandem to prolong battery life.

Lock Types Available

  • 700-SQB Square Bolt
  • 700-SPB Spring Bolt
  • 700-SWB Swing Bolt

Manager Mode

Allows the Manager to add/delete or enable/disable up to 30 additional Users.

Code Hierarchy

User options: Up to 10 different opening codes; 1 manager and 30 users (30 codes – total, 1 Master – must, 1 Manager – optional, 28-29 Users depending on a manager codes). The manager maintains control of the other users and can remove or add them as required.

Dual Mode

Requires the use of two valid combinations to open the lock. A security feature that allows two present users to open the lock.

Time Delay

Entering a valid combination starts the delay period which can be programmed from 0 to 99 minutes. If a staff member is under duress this feature is designed to prevent the lock from being opened immediately. Used together with appropriate business signage time delay is a widely used deterrent against theft.

Time Delay Override Mode

A time delay override code can be enabled to allow immediate access for an authorised user such as a cash carrier.

Duress Alarm

Duress alarm (silent alarm) if enabled can interface with an alarm panel by an interface box. The user can trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing the authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by your alarm provider.

Lock Disable

An input signal from an alarm panel via an interface box can be used to disable the lock preventing even valid combinations from opening.

Audit Trail

Utilising the LA GARD View Software, the last 500 events are captured with date and time stamp. This can then be extracted to a PC.

Low Battery Signal

Repeated LED flashing and beeping during opening indicates battery is low and needs immediate replacement.

Wrong Try Penalty

Attempting to guess the combination more than 4 times will render the lock inactive for a period of 5 minutes.


Environmentally tested from -10˚C to 85˚C

Audio and Visual Signal

Double signal
Two (2) LED flashes and two (2) beeps
indicates entry is valid or accepted.
Triple signal
Three (3) LED flashes and three (3) beeps
indicates invalid or not accepted.


Confirmed by third-party Reliability Test lab:
VdS 2396 — Class 2
UL 2058 —UL Type 1
EN1300—Level B
CNPP a2p—Level B/E

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702 Audit
703 2FA
704 Master & 705 Advanced