Paxos Advance

Where security is the top priority and reliability is essential. Paxos provides a fully redundant system, with two independent operating systems. Since it's introduction in 1988 more than 35,000 locks have been installed with no lockouts through technical failure or defects.

  • Statistically calculated that the locking system will operate for up to 15 million hours before total failure
  • The Paxos Compact lock body constantly runs its own diagnostic routine to immediately report to the user any faults found via the LCD
  • Existing safes and vault doors can be retrofitted with ease
  • Modular design system can be upgraded to suit changing customer requirements at any time
  • 1 master code, 1 mutation code, 1 time user code and up to 26 user codes
  • Lock can be set to beep when the door is left in the open position
  • Can be set up in several modes. Single code to open, dual combination, which requires 2 users to be present for every opening or "AND" mode, where users 1 and 2 must open together but all other users can open alone
  • Wrong try lockout, the lock will not allow access to any user for a period of 3 minutes after 5 incorrect combinations are entered. Any additional consecutive failed entry attempts result in another 3 minute lockout
  • The Lock retains an audit trail of the previous 920 events
  • Duress alarm box can be ordered as an optional extra, using an interface to an alarm panel a user can silent trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by the alarm provider
  • Can be programmed with a standard time delay function
  • Time locking can be programmed to lock out users during non trading periods
  • Tamper monitoring on the option box will be triggered for sabotage in the event of opening the battery compartment, mains failure or tampering with the connection to the authorisation disabling line
  • Can be connected to mains power with the option of battery back up
  • 2 line 16 digit LCD display
  • Authorisation disabling allows the lock to be remotely disabled and enabled from the control point or room
  • Approvals/ Certificates - Type A Lock Unit - VdS Classes 2/3, ECB-S Classes B/C, EN1300B/C - Type D Lock Unit - VdS Class 4, ECB-S Class D, EN1300D. blocking element for IDS class C, VdS switching unit (Block unit) for IDS class C, BSI 7500, SSV safes of directory I, II, SSV strongroom door type II and UL type 1
  • Available in 3 bolt styles - Swingbolt, Squarebolt and Springbolt
  • Supplied in box
  • Only the Duracell Procell alkaline battery is to be used to power our electronic safe locks

User Instructions Operating Manual Locking System Operation Dialing Knob Operation Keypad Input