A biometric safe lock powered by Light Emitting Sensing technology, to deliver an advanced and feature packed lock

  • 3 options of user identification; fingerprint only, fingerprint and code, or code only
  • Multiple users - Up to 98 users with single fingerprint
  • Time locking - can be programmed to lockout user during non-trading periods
  • Can be programmed with time delay
  • Time delay override code can be programmed to allow immediate access for authorised users such as cash carriers
  • Silent alarm- if connected to an existing alarm panel a silent duress signal can be sent from the lock if required. Alternatively it can be configured for remote lockout, allowing the lock to be shut down via the alarm provider
  • Up to 5 locks can be managed from one central input pad, making the lock suitable for safes with multiple compartments
  • Intrinsic Live finger sensing - no false rejection rate impact. Cannot be fooled with artificial gummy or silicon replicas, detects heat and pulse
  • Highest usability - curved face, Teflon contact surface, highest quality image generation (650 DPI captured)
  • Audit trail - each lock retains the last 4000 operations. Input pad retains the last 1000 system events
  • Durable - No electro static sensitivity, does not absorb skin oils or nicotine, tested to 1.5 million touches, designed for high traffic applications
  • Wrong try penalty - five minute lockout after 4 consecutive invalid access attempts
  • Available in 3 bolt styles - Swingbolt, Squarebolt and Springbolt
  • Only the Duracell Procell alkaline battery is to be used to power our electronic safe locks

EN 1300 B*, VdS class 2*, UL type 1 (swingbolt)
UL listed (squarebolt, when used with code)

High security applications
High security applications
Banks/ ATM’s
Jewellery stores
Fast food

OPTIONS SMARTPOINTKIT- swingbolt lock with keypad
SMARTPOINTKITSQ- squarebolt lock with keypad
2789LG- Interface box for duress
SMARTPOINTAUDITKIT- serial port PC cable and software
SMARTPOINTPROGKIT- lock programming kit (for locksmiths only)

3 x Various squarebolt lengths
USB Fingerprint reader for bulk uploading of users

User Instructions Manager Instructions Master Instructions Audit Instructions Mounting Instructions Programming Instructions S/W Install Guide Lock Reset Instructions Fact Sheet Product Movie USB Converter Install (old) Windows Compatibility Info Smartpoint Software Download (Zip file) Smartpoint Lock Reset Software