LG Master

The LG Master is a full featured lock, with the advantage of time locking and multiple users

  • Can be enabled with up to 49 different opening codes
  • A 3 level management system: The master code has primary control over the functions of the lock, and also the ability to delete the manager code if required. The manager code holds control over all the other users
  • Up to 5 locks can be managed centrally from one keypad, allowing safes with multiple compartments to be managed under the one system
  • Dual master also available, giving the manager code additional features only available to the control code
  • The advanced time locking system allows you to dictate when the lock can and cannot be accessed, thus preventing anyone from returning to the premises outside business hours and accessing the lock. Up to 4 programmable open time windows per day, with the added features of immediate time lock and temporary time lock
  • Time lock programming via the keypad or with a simple to use software program
  • Can be pre-enabled for automatic daylight savings adjustment
  • Can be used with combination only to open, or combination and E-key. The key provides double security on sites where code sharing is a problem, as the lock cannot be opened with the physical presence of the key (optional)
  • 479 event audit trail with real time and date, to allow you track who has entered the safe and when
  • Can be programmed with a time delay, so the lock cannot be immediately opened. Used together with appropriate business signage time delay is a proven deterrent against theft
  • Duress Alarm (silent alarm) can be enabled; using an interface to an alarm panel a user can silent trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing the authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by your alarm provider
  • A time delay override code can be enabled to allow immediate access for an authorised user such as a cash carrier
  • Available in 3 bolt styles - Swingbolt, Squarebolt and Springbolt
  • Only the Duracell Procell alkaline battery is to be used to power our electronic safe locks

Bank safes
ATM machines
Service stations
Till skimmers
Retail chains

LGMASTERKIT- Swingbolt lock with keypad
LGMASTERKITSQ- Squarebolt lock with keypad
2789LG- Interface box for duress
LGMASTERAUDITKIT- serial port PC cable and software

EN 1300 B*, VdS class 2*, UL type 1 (swingbolt)
UL Listing, Type 1; VdS Listing Class 2 (squarebolt)

Springbolt lock option
3 x Various squarebolt lengths
Splitter box for multiple lock applications

Product Brochure User Instructions Full Manual Programming Instructions Audit Instructions DTS Setup Instructions Master Code Instructions USB Convertor Install(old) Zapping Guide LG Master Software