39E Combogard Pro

The 39E Combogard Pro is the original full featured lock, ideal for businesses requiring holdup protection

  • User options: Up to 10 different opening codes; 1 manager and 9 users. The manager maintains control of the other users and can remove or add them as required
  • Dual combination, 2 separate users must be present at the lock for every opening
  • Time delay override: a secondary user code can be setup to allow immediate access if a time delay has also been programmed (also known as courier code)
  • Duress Alarm (silent alarm), using an interface to an alarm panel a user can silent trigger a duress alarm while still opening the safe, allowing the authorities to be alerted without alerting the criminal. Alternatively, a duress interface can be used to remotely lockout the safe by your alarm provider
  • Can be programmed with a time delay, so the lock cannot be immediately opened. Used together with appropriate business signage time delay is a proven deterrent against theft
  • This lock is not suitable for Auditing. Although there may be some documents showing the instructions to Audit this lock, it does not generate valid records and is not recommended to use for Audit purposes. If you need an Audit lock, we suggest you use the 66E or LGMaster.
  • Easy to use push button access. Standard 6 digit combination gives 1,000,000 possible permutations, or can be enabled for up to 9 digits per combination
  • Wrong try penalty means that attempting to guess the combination more than 4 times will render the lock inactive for a period of 5 minutes
  • Unlike mechanical locks, codes are easily changed and therefore do not require a locksmith
  • Keypad give audio and visual signal for ease of use
  • Environmentally tested from -10˚c to 85˚c
  • All vital components are located within the lock body for maximum security
  • Available in 3 bolt styles - Swingbolt, Squarebolt and Springbolt
  • The swingbolt version has a patented automatic locking mechanism which locks when the safe handle is turned
  • Only the Duracell Procell alkaline battery is to be used to power our electronic safe locks

EN 1300 B*, VdS class 2*, UL type 1 (swingbolt)
UL listing, Type 1; VdS Listing, Class 2 (squarebolt)

Commercial safes
Bank safes
ATM machines
Service stations
Till skimmers
Retail chains

OPTIONS 39E-1LKIT- Swingbolt complete with slimline 3035 input pad and battery box
39E-1KIT- Squarebolt complete with slimline 3035 input pad and battery box
2789LG- Interface box for duress

Springbolt lock option
3 x Various squarebolt lengths
Various keypad options

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